Shirley Grove Baptist Church Pastor Bill Gravley




 TRAC Club for Ages 13-18

Teens Redeemed and Called, TRAC, is specifically designed with teens in mind.  The teens gather each Wednesday to eat dinner with the church as a group then take off to the TRAC house located just across the street from the church.  Each evening they have teen-oriented lessons, games and other activities.

The teens are there to learn and they will all tell you that they definitely do that!  Classes are broken into ten-week sessions where they cover topics such as Teens in the Bible, Teen Dating, Spiritual Battles and Basic Bible Doctrines, just to name a few!

TRAC provides for the needs that teenagers have both socially and spiritually.  Materials emphasize the primacy of the local church, soul-winning, Christian service, and worldly separations with special attention given to scripture memorization.  It is our belief that applying the principles of Scripture to a person's life will enrich their life and provide them with a path of a personal relationship with God. 

The teens also participate in other organized activities both inside and outside the church including trips to Six Flags, Bowling, Valentine's Banquet, Missions and more!  If you are a teen, we invite you to join us!  We know you will love it!!